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Trying to settle on Serena's season 2 name. Got some loose ice words so far. Which do you like? 

11 deviants said Whiteout
11 deviants said Shiver
5 deviants said Hoarfrost
3 deviants said Chill
3 deviants said Serac
2 deviants said Frory
2 deviants said Firn
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United States
Hey, I'm Renée!
I'm 19 and a freshman at Utah State University studying finance & art. I'm a digital artist aiming to become a concept artist for an MMO. I speak french and english and I've studied some mandarin chinese in school. I'm obsessed with birds, jellyfish, magic, the ocean, bioluminescent organisms, and space.
I'm passionate about the Save The Bees movement and will often talk about bees.
I'm LDS! :)

Snowflake (3rd from left), my tiny justice daughter, and her DT friends. <3

Here's the link to other sites that I'm on:

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Behold, a short drabble in which Yeris and Elleon flirt embarrassingly…
DT Mermaid AU - Serena
I had an entire folder in my gallery designated to mermaids at one point XD so it kinda goes without saying that I would of cOURSE participate in a mermaid DT AU. 
So here's Serena! For rp purposes, she'd be Mermaid of the Arctic Ocean! :)

Made with azalea's dolls as always!
DT - Blaze AT
An art trade for Estrella-Angel of her yj character Blaze!! As usual ten million years late because I'm the idiot taking 17 credits in one semester haha.
Dream Team App: Snowflake
Template and text design from our fearless leader, Estrella-Angel 

EDIT 4/2/2017: Went through and made some changes to her backstory, and a LOT of new content added to her personality.
EDIT 4/3/2017: Added more to her relationships, including her relationship w/Robin and her friendship with Feverburn and Switch.


Name: Serena Svabodova
Nickname: Snow, Serrie (only by Ava)

Age: 15 (S1), 20 (S2)
Birthday: February 16th, 1996
Species: Metahuman
Blood Type: B -
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Past/Bio: After being caught in a sabotage bombing of one of her father's shipping company's storage facilities in Prague when she was six, though she survived the severe burns that ruined the skin of the back of her body, the trauma triggered her metagene. Her intense desire to cool down her body and surroundings is what resulted in her development of the power to lower temperature and, as a branch off of that, create ice and snow through freezing the water molecules around her. Her cryokinesis and temperature manipulation were very volatile in their infancy, and resulted in many incidents such as pipe bursts from pressure build-up from ice blocking the flow of passage, random cold snaps near the elementary school, park, and various restaurants causing machinery failure, frostbite in people nearby, and other problems. All during the summer. Already keeping an eye on global cold-related incidents due to the large number of known villains with ice powers, the incidents in Prague led the League to investigate, suspecting one of the ice villains was on the loose doing something in the area. They sent Ice for her similar abilities to determine whether the incidents were of natural or artificial cause, Fire, Ice's best friend, Green Lantern (Guy Gardener), Ice's boyfriend, and Martian Manhunter to help them communicate with the non-english speaking residents of the area. Their investigation leads them to make the connections between the other places and the elmentary school, and the only kids there who's parents had enough money to attend all of the high end restaurants and stores affected were few and led them to a few different houses, including the Svaboda residence. They quickly discovered that the one responsible for these incidents was the youngest child in the family, Serena, after Martian Manhunter heard the concerned thoughts of her family over the inexplicable, dangerously out of control things happening to their youngest. Offering a solution for young Serena's predicament, they sent her with Ice to a remote training facility in Murmansk, Russia, where her attempts to master her abilities would go most easily unnoticed without separating her from civilization entirely. 

After a few years of learning to get her abilities under control, Serena saved a woman and her child on accident with her abilities and became extremely enamored with the idea of being a superhero like those she knew in the League. Realizing Serena was adamant in her new decision and unwilling to budge, Ice decided to take her under her wing as her sidekick, Serena donning the name "Snowflake" to match her mentor. 

A few months before the Team fought the Light, Snowflake had the opportunity to assist the Team on a small escort mission in place of her mentor Ice, in order to keep the specimen iced and in a coma should it be freed. Afterward she was offered a place on their team, but declined, preferring the more direct connections to the League of her mentor Ice and friend Fire and being discouraged by the challenges of the language barrier. A few months later, the League was compromised and the Team saved them from the Light, and she changed her mind and traveled to the U.S. to join the Team at Mount Justice.

About Him/Her

Personality: Quiet and sweet but with a cheeky side. Used to getting what she wants through charm (batting her eyelashes, saying please, pouting, etc), and somewhat impatient when it comes to others disagreeing with her. Somewhat juvenile in that sense. She can be a little bit sensitive when it comes to teasing but it really depends. Bea and Guy teased her a lot, in a friendly way to get her to open up, throughout her time at the Murmansk facility. She likes it when she's comfortable with you and knows what you really think of her, but if she doesn't know you well and know what you really think of her she's prone to getting her feelings hurt, thinking you mean what you say even if you tack-on 'just kidding' to it. Proudly sports a stark black and white moral compass. She becomes more open-minded over time... slowly. Protective of her family to the point of slight paranoia, having had a bad experience where her identity was compromised before and someone targeted them. Fiercely loyal, and occasionally prone to attempted martyrdom because viewing herself as something bigger than she is makes her feel better about herself after what happened to her to give her her powers (that it happened for a reason, basically). Very girly and interested in fashion and beauty products because living in the facility in Murmansk, it helped her feel connected to other girls when she felt so different and weird and dangerous. Insecure of her body because with her scars she doesn't think she can be beautiful like the girls in movies with smooth creamy skin and sexy, scarless legs. Timid about doing new things because she feels pressure to be good at them automatically, and gets frustrated and emotional when she struggles with something because she doesn't have much patience. She loves doing domestic style things with M'gann and Zee, like baking or cooking because she did it a lot with Tora, and it also makes her feel like she's back with her family whom she misses.
Occupation: N/A
- Ice skating
- Doing something hard or something considered hard
- Feeling automatically included in a group
- Playing her flute
- Russian pop music
- Makeup, fashion, meaningful jewelry (mementos)

- Smokers (her grandfather died from lung cancer)
- Being manipulated
- Waiting & being patient
- Being bad at something/feeling stupid
- Skimpy or exposing clothes
- Swimming
Difficult decisions

Hobbies: Ice skating, playing flute, table tennis, online chess, baking, shopping
Fears: The ocean (salt: pain and likely drowning), exposure/feeling exposed
Talents: Blowing bubbles with her gum, telling what temperature it is outside without looking, ...she's really good at cat's cradle?


Height: 5"1
Skin Tone: moderate tan
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair Description:
Color: Brown
Length: Pixie cut
Style: Wavy


Father: Oskar Svaboda
Mother: Svetlana Svabodova
Siblings: 2 older brothers: Ezven and Mikolas 
Best Friends: Ava Verdene (Switch) jaciedraws , Stacey Holden (Feverburn) Kiwisan13 
Serena met Stacey shortly after she moved to the training facility in Murmansk with Ice, when Fire came to visit her best friend and brought her protegee Feverburn (Stacey).  The two bonded from the get-go and became fast friends, as they ended up hanging out a lot because whenever Tora and Bea got together they got to hang out. The duality of their powers was convenient because neither of them could really hurt the other from a slip in control, and it was a relief to relax in that way, being able to touch without having to worry what temperature their skin was at. They shared many interests, including fashion and makeup, and were able to relate to each other a lot having just come into being superhero sidekicks and experiencing those things for the first time, and also somewhat over their similar feelings of insecurity about their bodies (Serena with all her scarred skin and Stacey being trans & experiencing dysphoria) and makeup and fashion was something fun they did together that kind of helped them feel more confident. Stacey joins the team before Serena does, and is the second convincing reason Serena decides to join the Team despite the language barrier.
Serena met Ava (Switch), a lone vigilante metahuman while saving people from a burning building when Ice was unable to help and the wall was going to fall and Ava, an animal shape-shifter prevented the walls from caving in long enough for Serena to get the fire under control enough to help the people out. (TBC lol i'll finish writing this after I get back from class~)

Friends: Robin, M'gann, Artemis, Wally, Conner, Zatanna, Kaldur, Raquel
Love Interest: 
Robin (Dick Grayson): This ship was born out of my rps with inkblot-em, my balefr0st blog for Snowflake and her bxrdbrain blog for Robin. Her Robin speaks Russian fluently, as well as French and Spanish and a few other languages. One of the biggest things that bothered Snowflake when she first joined the team was the language barrier - in fact, the first time she was invited to join she declined because of it, and only later joined after the incident with the Light - and so being able to easily communicate with him not only made her like being around him in particular, but she also got a sense of his personality, opinions, and sense of humor much faster than the others. Growing up with two older brothers who were both very goofy and playful, she admires light-heartedness, teasing, quirky personalities like theirs, which Robin and Wally have the most of. She wasn't attracted to Wally in the same way however, because at that point he had 1) already entered into a committed relationship with Artemis and so I imagine he wouldn't flirt with her so she wouldn't think of him as an option, seeing them in a relationship 2) she was more comfortable with someone the same age 3) she comes from a wealthy family background and certain things like how she tries to get others' attention, being homeschooled, being unable to comfortably reveal her secret identity etc. is more compatible with Robin who had a more similar background. 

Hero Information

Code Name: Snowflake
Place of Origin: Earth (?)
Residence: The Cave (Mount Justice, Happy Harbor, Rhode Island)
Affiliations: The Team, Justice League
Powers and Abilities: Cryokinesis and temperature control
Weapons: Pepper spray and brass knuckles - recounting a tale of their adventures to her parents over a call once, she mentioned power deactivation collars and her father insisted on the pepper spray, as well as a bunch of other things, but Serena thought it was a bit much so she just opted for the spray and the knuckles. 

Extra Information

Quotes: ["Surviving isn't enough... I want to live."] "Stay behind me!!" ["We could always bust the wall. I'll freeze it, then you can do your thing."] ["Ready? It's about to get really cold in here."]           (English is plain text, Russian translated through the charm in brackets.)
Theme Song: Banner by LIGHTS
Food: Peppermint bark
Drink: Apple cider
Color: Pink 
Animal: Bunnies
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